badass dragon in a hanji suit

Welcome to the madness, I am Sarah, your resident Zombie and Titan Apocalypse expert, and certified Marco Bodt trash. I am 20 years old, from Virginia, and I study Mass Communications at VCU. I ship JeanMarco, Sesskag, Ereri, Zutara, Dramione, and Mikenaba, among others. Complete lists of my fandoms and ships can be found on my about page. I don't usually tag my posts, so there's a heads up, but if you want me to tag something - a ship, a trigger, a show, or anything - just shoot me a message and I'll get on that. I also write fan fiction, which can be viewed on Ao3, so if you have any questions about them, or anything really, please don't be shy or hesitate to drop an ask! That is all... Commander Scoot, OUT!