a hilarious idiot that can't see for shit
Salutations, followers! Sarah here, I am 20 years old, from Virginia, and I study Mass Communications at VCU. In addition to being my personal blog, this is also an independent Hanji Zoe RP blog. I ship Dramione, Zutara, Sesskag, Ereri, JeanMarco, Reibert, Mikenaba and Jearmin. Complete lists of my fandoms and ships can be found on my about page ("Face & Facts"). I don't usually tag my nsfw, so there's a heads up, but if you want me to tag something, just shoot me a message. I also specialize in angsty fanfics, which can be viewed on AO3 so if you have any questions about them, or anything really, please don't hesitate to drop an ask! I won't bite, I promise...unless of course you want me to ;)

That is all....shitty glasses, OUT!